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the best Liturgy press so far, translated from Norwegian
September 30, 2009, 3:47 am
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It is not often that the word “enjoyable” is pulled out to describe the experience of Nekro-chaotic Black Metal, but it is certainly out of place when it comes to the Liturgy from New York. They are not old men, they are not concerned with the aesthetics of the genre (they look more like a grunge band from Seattle to be honest), but the devil in hell for an energy and intensity they possess. There are three to four short, shrill gitarinstrumentaler on “Renihilation”, but otherwise it is 31 minutes with multiple rendering, and explosive anger that hammered out, brutally and without mercy. A little special is that the drummer has decided to keep the layout its so simple as possible. This means that fiksfakseriet is dropped and thus makes him only with a bass drum, sharp, hi-hat and one cymbal. You should not believe, for if there is one who steals the show here so is he. I will just sit to laugh at times, so hysterical and spastic it. The imagery it sounds like a mixture of avalanches, mix master and tumble when he whirls away. Not for that, the guitarists do their also where the harrows over one glaring tremoloriffet after another. The only thing that end up in a little backwater is the bass and I was little doubt they after all had with him some of this instrument, but the photos and live clips show that it is in place (possibly it had romlet less without the deep frequencies ). One should be well pleased in the extreme music to think that this is a pleasant dog, but for my part, there are no other words that are more descriptive or accurately describe the joy of listening to this madness!



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Wrote some notes on the album here.



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