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February 2, 2010, 1:58 am
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It’s been a while since my last blog post here (about four months to be exact), and a lot has happened.

Liturgy just got home from a two week tour down I-95 to Miami and back. It was very nice and warm down there. We are home for about five weeks collectively and then we head back out again for SXSW, (the could-have-had-a-better-name) Brofest, the Scion Death Fest, and other shows along the way.

Teeth Mountain just played a show this past Saturday at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, with our old friends the Super Vacations, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, and PC Worship. It was great to see everyone in one room at the same time. We will be touring for a week at the end of February, for the most part playing college shows in the northeast.

Right before new years, my backpack got stolen while I was riding the subway, which had inside it my laptop and monitor headphones, and also a nice pair of gloves. I thought I would be alright and avoid having something like this happen, as it did the year previous, when my car got broken into and all my gear at the time got jacked. Sometimes you can’t escape certain cycles, I guess.

I was invited to play solo on Jason Sigel’s WFMU show, Talk’s Cheap. I ended up bringing six people with me. You can listen to the set here. Whereas my older solo music was for the most part completely electronic, the new stuff is drums and vocals, with whoever I may feel like collaborating with at the time. Basically it’s still an excuse for me to experiment outside of the other projects I play with, ut at a certain point I had to acknowledge that what I do best is play the drums, so why not have that be a central aspect of the music I make? I’ve also been learning how to throat sing, so that’s been thrown in there too. I’m playing at Shea Stadium this thursday, if you are interested come check it out.

Infinite Limbs, the record label / booking apparatus, has been on hiatus for the most part. I handed my mail order over to someone who could handle it better than I, so at least now the orders that come in won’t get sent out months late. Its not really possible to run a label by yourself an tour constantly, or at least in my experience this is the case.

In other unrelated news, I had the weirdest and most unsettling experience of my life the other night, when a fake plant of my roommate’s started moving on its own right in front of my eyes. This happened at the tail end of a meditation in which I found myself attempting to make contact with whoever might be “out there”, whether that means aliens or spirit guardians or whatever, I’m not sure. But after a series of pretty intense mind’s-eye visuals (in one I saw a man open his head and push the left hemisphere of his brain aside, to show me his pineal gland…), I heard an intense, robotic buzzing sound and footsteps in my apartment, where everyone was sleeping except myself. After coaxing myself to get out of bed and look around for the source of the sound, I found it to be coming out of my roommate’s room. I went in and saw to my relief that it was his cell phone alarm going off, although i was definitely thinking it was strange that he would set an alarm for something like 4:40 in the morning… I tried waking him up, but he wouldn’t move, so I reached over him and turned the alarm off- and at that immediate moment, the fake tree on the other side of the room started moving. Its branches waved individually, one at a time, and the trunk would occasionally sway from side to side. Despite being completely startled by this, I looked very closely to try to figure out what in the world of excepted reality might be making this happen, but there was nothing. Just a fake plant, moving by itself. I would be lying if I didn’t firstly admit that this scared the shit out of me, but I also have to say that I definitely felt a presence in the room, and I felt as though if I wanted to I could go further with what was happening, perhaps have a more direct encounter… I was too scared, too freaked out by what was happening and my inability to process it, too scared by the possibility that I might have just snapped completely. I went back to bed and fell quickly asleep, and that was that.

Stranger still, the next night I met a friend of a friend for the first time who straight up asked me what had occurred the previous night. It turned out that she was a certified psychic medium (whatever that means to the skeptical), and when I told her the whole story, she said it was my spirit guardian trying to make contact with me, to help me with something. With her and a lot of other people to whom I have related this story, the response has been to pursue this further, make more attempts to make contact with whoever this is. “Conquer the fear of the unknown”, “open my heart to love”, etc.

A bunch of hooey? Contact with an extradimensional being? Or am I just teetering on the brink of schizophrenia?

Right now, in my relatively new apartment, neither the heat nor the hot water are working at all. Being cold makes it hard to “drop in” so to speak, so I’ll put off pursuing this, whatever it is, further until I can be more physically comfortable.

Since the last post, when I was on tour with Liturgy in September, I have lived in three different places- Shea Stadium, the venue that my cousin (who is also my second cousin – more on that another time) runs, the basement of a Mexican family’s house, and now the top floor of an insanely large warehouse building in the Grand L subway stop region.

Anyway, our new roommate just showed up to make measurements in his room, so I’ll sign off for now. Until next time-



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could be hppd —

Comment by Daniel

Thanks for sharing your post with us.

Everyone has a guide, it’s just that most of us never sit there and ask for them as you did.

Use fear as a teacher. It is the most accurate lesson plan we have for our time here.

Experience comfort in the discomfort of your growth process.


Comment by Jonathan

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