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Getting ready to end the year of the tiger

and begin the year of the rabbit


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Available for order are:

TEETH MOUNTAIN S/T DEBUT LP (co-released on Infinitelimbs and SHDWPLY records, 2008)


LITURGY “IMMORTAL LIFE”  LP (Last copies in existence! 2008)


CHUBBY BEHEMOTH 7” (featuring members of Airwaves, PC Worship, Dan Deacon Ensemble, and more, 2008)




more to come, stay tuned…


November 24, 2010, 6:29 pm
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Reading the Tao by GDFX

March 10, 2010, 2:59 pm
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March 20th Saturday – 11 am

Singing Serpent SXSW Partay:

> Rice 12:45pm
> Rafter 1:30
> Frances 2:15
> GDFX 3:00
> KIT 3:45
> SHAMS 4:30pm
> Pictureplane 5:15pm
> Juiceboxxx 6pm
> These Are Powers 7pm
> DD/MM/YYYY 8pm

at The Iron Gate Lounge
1111 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702

and also, Guardian Alien.


More Tour, SXSW, etx
March 8, 2010, 12:00 am
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I’m leaving for tour with Liturgy in four days. Got some laundry to do first, literally and figuratively. Anywho… Here are our dates (blatantly copied and pasted from myspace)-

Mar 11 2010 8:00P
Garfield Arts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mar 13 2010 8:00P
Scion Rock Fest w/ Voivod, Cannibal Corpse, Pelican Columbus, Ohio

Mar 14 2010 8:00P
Now That’s Class w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Cleveland, Ohio

Mar 15 2010 8:00P
The Mopery w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Chicago, Illinois

Mar 16 2010 8:00P
Camp Concentration w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth St. Louis, Missouri

Mar 17 2010 8:00P
The Conservatory w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Oklahoma City,

Mar 18 2010 8:00P
House of Tinnitus w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Denton, Texas

Mar 19 2010 8:00P
SXSW: 20 Buck Spin showcase Austin, Texas

Mar 19 2010 8:00P
SXSW: WFMU/Aquarius showcase Austin, Texas

Mar 20 2010 8:00P
SXSW: Brooklyn Vegan party Austin, Texas

Mar 21 2010 6:00P
Bro Fest w/ White Mice, Withered, Rwake Dallas, Texas

Mar 22 2010 8:00P
MtyMx Festival w/ No Age, Acid Mothers Temple, Andrew W.K.

Mar 24 2010 8:00P
The Rogue Fayetteville, Arkansas

Mar 27 2010 8:00P
Big Ears Festival w/ Terry Riley, Gang Gang Dance, The Ex Knoxville, Tennessee

Mar 31 2010 8:00P
The Triple Richmond, Virginia

Apr 1 2010 8:00P
Talking Head Baltimore, Maryland

At SXSW I’ll also be playing with Teeth Mountain and as GDFX, all over the damn place….

Mar 19 2010 11:00P
NNF showcase @ the hideout austin, Texas

Mar 20 2010 2:15P
Ormolycka SXSW showcase at The Iron Gate Lounge with These are Powers, DDMMYYYY & more Austin, Texas

hopefully all this insanity at sxsw will work itself out… wish me luck.

February 11, 2010, 11:50 pm
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GDFX in 20jazzfunkgreats
June 6, 2009, 5:25 pm
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“GDFX’s ‘Choose your Emanation’ is the melancholy kosmische beginning of a gravitational ascent into an orgone-powored lunar elevator, it bristles with the foreboding beginning of a Hawkwind mushroom trip glimmer & vibrato, and it does definitely take you into a strange black zone where golden specks of cosmic dust swirl in their eternal hex dance, causing a mild erosion in your left auditory channel which is the echo of alien transmissions projected from beyond a star that perished aeons ago.”

link to post here.

home from tour / thrill of combat
May 20, 2009, 6:18 pm
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new game with GDFX music by MESSHOF

here’s a link to a little blog clip about this most recent collab.

im home from tour. pictures coming soon. im still laying in bed because it feels good.